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Your Paintings slideshows

As well as a number of slideshows made especially for use in the classroom, we have produced many general collections you may also find useful including the Six Wives of Henry VIII and the White Queen.

Artists, Architects and Designers

View a slideshow of portraits of artists, architects and designers. There are many more portraits of artists and examples of their work on the Your Paintings website.

A Taste of Tudor History

View a slideshow of Tudor history. This is just one of many possible areas of British history that Your Paintings can help you research.

Local History

View a slideshow of local history. Could Your Paintings be a source of local historical information and paintings of your local area?

Science and Art

View a slideshow of science and art. You can find many more paintings featuring the solar system, water and light on the website.

Significant People from the Past

View a slideshow of significant people from the past. The site has a large collection of portraits of those who have made a lasting contribution to science and medicine.

Bonfire Night

View the Gunpowder plot slideshow and explore a collection of paintings that tell the story of the annual celebrations on 5 November.

Henry VIII

View a slideshow of Six Wives of Henry VIII and trace the history of Henry VIII and his six wives through their portraits.

Industry and Empire

View a slideshow of industry and empire. A brief history of the Industrial Revolution told in paintings from the national collection.

Stainless Steel

View a slideshow of stainless steel and find out how its production shaped many of Britain’s industrial towns.

Elizabeth Woodville - The White Queen

View a slidehow of The White Queen. Elizabeth Woodville was the wife of Edward IV and the ancestor of the Tudors and the Stuarts. But who was she really?

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