Versicles on Sign-posts

[The everlasting surliness of a lion, Saracen's head, &c. or the unchanging blandness of the Landlord welcoming a Traveller, on some Sign-posts, would be no bad similies of the constant, affected fierceness of a Bully, or the eternal simper of a Frenchman or a Fiddler.] He looked Just as your Sign-post lions do, As fierce, and quite as harmless too. Patient Stupidity So, heavy, passive to the tempest's shocks, Dull on the Sign-post stands the stupid Ox. His face with smile eternal drest Just like the Landlord to his guest, High as they hang with creaking din To index out the Country Inn. A head pure, sinless quite of brain or soul, The very image of a Barber's Poll; Just shews a human face and wears a wig, And looks when well-friseur'd, amazing big.


Liz Lochhead

About this work

This is a poem by Robert Burns. It was written in 1788 and is read here by Liz Lochhead.

Themes for this poem

humour man

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