Burns's elegies (7)

  1. Alan Cumming

    Elegy On The Late Miss Burnet Of Monboddo

    “Life ne'er exulted in so rich a prize, ...”

    An elegy written in 1791 and performed by Alan Cumming

  2. John Bett

    Elegy on Mr William Cruikshank A.M.

    “Now honest William's gaen to Heaven ...”

    An elegy written in 1795 and performed by John Bett

  3. Gary Lewis

    Elegy on Peg Nicholson

    “Peg Nicholson was a good bay mare ...”

    An elegy written in 1790 and performed by Gary Lewis

  4. Kate Dickie

    On the death of the late Lord President Dundas

    “Lone on the bleaky hills, the straying flocks ...”

    An elegy written in 1787 and performed by Kate Dickie

  5. Elaine C Smith

    Poor Mailie's Elegy

    “Lament in rhyme, lament in prose ...”

    An elegy written in 1783 and performed by Elaine C Smith

  6. Phyllida Law

    Sketch for an Elegy

    “Craigdarroch, fam'd for speaking art ...”

    An elegy written in 1788 and performed by Phyllida Law

  7. Eileen McCallum

    Tam Samson's Elegy

    “Has auld Kilmarnock seen the Deil? ...”

    An elegy written in 1786 and performed by Eileen McCallum

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