To Miss Ferrier

Nae Heathen Name shall I prefix, Frae Pindus or Parnassus; Auld Reekie dings them a' to sticks, For rhyme-inspiring Lasses. Jove's tunefu' Dochters three times three Made Homer deep their debtor; But gien the body half an e'e, Nine Ferriers wad done better! Last day my mind was in a bog, Down George's Street I stoited; A creeping, cauld prosaic fog My vera senses doited. Do what I dought to set her free, My Muse lay in the mire; Ye turn'd a neuk - I saw your e'e She took the wing like fire. The mournfu' Sang I here inclose, In gratitude I send you; And pray in rhyme, sincere as prose, A' gude things may attend you. Robert Burns St James' Square Saturday even:


John Shedden

About this work

This is a poem by Robert Burns. It was written in 1787 and is read here by John Shedden.

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