To Capt Gordon on being asked why I was not to be one of the party with him and his brother Kenmure at Syme's

Dost ask, dear Captain, why from Syme I have no invitation, When well he knows he has with him My first friends in the nation? Is it because I love to toast, And round the bottle hurl? No! there conjecture wild is lost, For Syme by God's no churl! Is't lest with bawdy jests I bore, As oft the matter of fact is? No! Syme the theory can't abhor Who loves so well the practice. Is it a fear I should avow Some heresy seditious? No! Syme (but this is entre nous) Is quite an old Tiresias. In vain Conjecture thus would flit Thro' mental clime and season: In short, dear Captain, Syme's a Wit Who asks of Wits a reason? Yet must I still the sort deplore That to my griefs add one more, In balking me the social hour With you and noble Kenmure.


Cal Macaninch

About this work

This is a poem by Robert Burns. It was written in 1793 and is read here by Cal Macaninch.

Themes for this poem

brotherhood politics hypocrisy

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