Thou Gloomy December

Ance mair I hail thee, thou gloomy December! Ance mair I hail thee wi' sorrow and care; Sad was the parting thou makes me remember- Parting wi' Nancy, oh, ne'er to meet mair! Fond lovers' parting is sweet, painful pleasure, Hope beaming mild on the soft parting hour; But the dire feeling, O farewell for ever! Is anguish unmingled, and agony pure! Wild as the winter now tearing the forest, Till the last leaf o' the summer is flown; Such is the tempest has shaken my bosom, Till my last hope and last comfort is gone. Still as I hail thee, thou gloomy December, Still shall I hail thee wi' sorrow and care; For sad was the parting thou makes me remember, Parting wi' Nancy, oh, ne'er to meet mair


Robert Carlyle

About this work

This is a poem by Robert Burns. It was written in 1791 and is read here by Robert Carlyle.

Themes for this poem

love regret

Selected for 06 December

With a book's worth of letters, much mutual frustration and many a fraught encounter behind them, Robert Burns and Nancy (Agnes) McLehose finally parted on this day in 1791. It was almost exactly four years after the star struck 'Clarinda' had succeeded in gaining an introduction to the toast of literary Edinburgh and its salons. With, 'anguished unmingled and agony pure', they said goodbye, ne'er to meet mair'.

Donny O'Rourke

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