Works with a theme of greed (5)

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  1. John Gordon Sinclair

    A Lass Wi A Tocher

    “Awa' wi' your witchcraft o' Beauty's alarms ...”

    A song written in 1796 and performed by John Gordon Sinclair

  2. Maureen Beattie

    Altho' He Has Left Me

    “Altho' he has left me for greed o' the siller ...”

    A song written in 1791 and performed by Maureen Beattie

  3. Clare Grogan

    As I was a wand'ring

    “As I was a wand'ring ae midsummer e'enin ...”

    A song written in 1792 and performed by Clare Grogan

  4. Tam Dean Burn

    Jeremiah 15th, Ch 10 V

    “Ah, woe is me, my mother dear! ...”

    A poem written in 1786 and performed by Tam Dean Burn

  5. Eddi Reader

    My Tochers the Jewel

    “O meikle thinks my Luve o' my beauty ...”

    A song written in 1792 and performed by Eddi Reader

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