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  1. Vivien Heilbron

    A Grace After Dinner

    “O thou, in whom we live and move ...”

    An epigram written in 1789 and performed by Vivien Heilbron

  2. Vivien Heilbron

    A Grace Before Dinner

    “O thou who kindly dost provide ...”

    An epigram written in 1789 and performed by Vivien Heilbron

  3. John Gordon Sinclair

    Address to a Haggis

    “Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face ...”

    A poem written in 1786 and performed by John Gordon Sinclair

  4. Annette Crosbie

    Burns Grace at Kirkcudbright

    “Some have meat and cannot eat ...”

    A poem written in 1787 and performed by Annette Crosbie

  5. Shirley Henderson

    Grace after Meat

    “O Thou in whom we live and move ...”

    A poem written in 1789 and performed by Shirley Henderson

  6. Siobhan Redmond

    O An Ye Were Dead Gudeman

    “O an ye were dead Gudeman ...”

    A song written in 1796 and performed by Siobhan Redmond

  7. Alison Peebles

    The Shepherd's Wife

    “The Shepherd's wife cries o'er the knowe ...”

    A song written in 1792 and performed by Alison Peebles

  8. John Ramage

    To John Syme [A]

    “No more of your guests, be they titled or not ...”

    A poem written in 1795 and performed by John Ramage

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