Works with a theme of family (6)

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  1. Gary Lewis

    Hughie Graham

    “Our lords are to the mountains gane ...”

    A song written in 1792 and performed by Gary Lewis

  2. Shirley Henderson

    The Banks of Nith

    “The Thames flows proudly to the sea ...”

    A song written in 1788 and performed by Shirley Henderson

  3. Tom Fleming

    The Cotter's Saturday Night

    “My lov'd, my honour'd, much respected friend ...”

    An epigram performed by Tom Fleming

  4. Stuart McQuarrie

    The Inventory

    “Sir, as your mandate did request ...”

    A poem written in 1786 and performed by Stuart McQuarrie

  5. Eddi Reader

    What can a young lassie do wi' an auld man

    “What can a young lassie, what shall a young lassie ...”

    A song written in 1792 and performed by Eddi Reader

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