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  1. Stuart McQuarrie

    A Fragment [On Glenriddel's Fox breaking his chain]

    “Thou, Liberty, thou art my theme; ...”

    A poem written in 1795 and performed by Stuart McQuarrie

  2. First Minister Alex Salmond

    A Man's a Man for A' That

    “Is there for honest poverty ...”

    A song written in 1795 and performed by First Minister Alex Salmond

  3. Karen Dunbar

    As I Walk'd By Mysel

    “As I walk'd by myself, I said to myself, ...”

    A poem performed by Karen Dunbar

  4. Multiple Readers

    Highland Laddie

    “The bonniest lad that e'er I saw ...”

    A song written in 1796 and performed by Multiple Readers

  5. David Rintoul

    I Reign In Jeanie's Bosom

    “Louis, what reck I by thee ...”

    A song written in 1788 and performed by David Rintoul

  6. Phyllis Logan

    Lines Inscribed In A Lady's Pocket Almanac

    “Grant me, indulgent Heaven, that I may live ...”

    An epigram written in 1793 and performed by Phyllis Logan

  7. Brian Cox

    Lines on Meeting with Lord Daer

    “This wot ye all whom it concerns ...”

    A poem written in 1786 and performed by Brian Cox

  8. Kate Dickie

    On Johnson's Opinion of Hampden

    “For shame! ...”

    A poem written in 1787 and performed by Kate Dickie

  9. Liam Brennan

    Robert Bruce's March to Bannockburn

    “Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled, ...”

    A song written in 1793 and performed by Liam Brennan

  10. Karen Dunbar

    Scots Prologue, for Mrs Sutherland's Benefit Night

    “What needs this din about the town o' Lon'on? ...”

    A poem written in 1790 and performed by Karen Dunbar

  11. Denis Lawson

    The Guidwife of Wauchope-House, to Robert Burns, the Airshire Bard

    “My canty, witty, rhyming plougman, ...”

    A poem written in 1787 and performed by Denis Lawson

  12. Vivien Heilbron

    The Rights of Woman

    “While Europe's eye is fix'd on mighty things, ...”

    A poem written in 1792 and performed by Vivien Heilbron

  13. Robbie Coltrane

    The Tree of Liberty

    “Heard ye o' the tree o' France ...”

    A poem performed by Robbie Coltrane

  14. Robert Carlyle

    To a Louse

    “Ha! whaur ye gaun , ye crowlin ferlie? ...”

    A poem written in 1785 and performed by Robert Carlyle

  15. Billy Boyd

    To the beautiful Miss Eliza J-n, on her principles of liberty and equality

    “How liberty, girl, can it be by thee nam'd? ...”

    A poem written in 1788 and performed by Billy Boyd

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