The Young Highland Rover

Loud blaw the frosty breezes, The snaws the mountains cover; Like winter on me seizes Since my young Highland rover Far wanders nations over. Where'er he go, where'er he stray, May Heaven be his warden; Return him safe to fair Strathspey, And bonie Castle-Gordon. The trees now naked groaning Shall soon wi' leaves be hinging, The birdies dowie moaning Shall a' be blythely singing, And every flower be springing. Sae I'll rejoice the lee-lang day, When by his mighty Warden My Youth's return'd to fair Strathspey And bonie Castle-Gordon.


Blythe Duff

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It was written in 1787 and is read here by Blythe Duff.

More about this song

'The Young Highland Rover' was published in James Johnson's Scots Musical Museum in 1788. It is inspired by Prince Charles Edward Stuart (1720 1788) - commonly referred to as Bonnie Prince Charlie - leader of the Jacobite uprising of 1745.

Following his defeat at the battle of Culloden in 1746, Bonnie Prince Charlie fled to the highlands and eventually reached France where he died in exile. In this song a young woman laments the 'young highland rover's' absence from Scotland.

Pauline Mackay

Themes for this song

jacobitism love unhappiness

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