Contains some scenes of a sexual nature

The Lass o' Liviston

The bonny lass o' Liviston Her name ye ken, her name ye ken; And ay the welcomer ye'll be, The farther ben, the farther ben, And she has it written in her contract To lie her lane, to lie her lane, And I hae written in my contract To claw her wame, to claw her wame. The bonny lass o' Liviston, She's berry brown, she's berry brown; An' ye winna true her lovely locks, Gae farther down, gae farther down. She has a black and a rolling eye, And a dimplit chin, and a dimplit chin; And no to prie her rosy lips, Wad be a sin, wad be a sin. The bonny lass o' Liviston, Cam in to me, cam in to me; I wat wi' baith ends o' the busk, I made me free, I made me free. I laid her feet to my bed-stock, Her head to the wa', her head to the wa'; And I gied her her wee coat in her teeth, Her sark an' a', her sark an' a'.


David Hayman

About this work

This is a poem by Robert Burns. It is read here by David Hayman.

Themes for this poem


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