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The Gardener wi' his paidle

When rosy May comes in wi' flowers, To deck her gay, green, spreading bowers; Then busy, busy are his hours, The Gard'ner wi' his paidle. The chrystal waters gently fa'; The merry birds are lovers a'; The scented breezes round him blaw The Gardener wi' his paidle. When purple morning starts the hare To steal upon her early fare; Then thro' the dews he maun repair, The Gardener wi' his paidle. When day, expiring in the west, The curtain draws of Nature's rest; He flies to her arms he lo'es the best, The Gardener wi' his paidle.


Annette Crosbie

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It was written in 1789 and is read here by Annette Crosbie.

More about this song

'The Gardener wi' his paidle' was published in James Johnson's Scots Musical Museum in 1790.

The title is taken from an old song, whilst the stanzas are attributed to Burns. A pastoral song, Burns makes use of natural imagery to idealise the rural landscape.

Pauline Mackay

Themes for this song

nature love

Selected for 09 May

A poem for the start of May... When May comes in with flowers, gardeners tend their bowers...

Donny O'Rourke

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