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The Cooper o' Dundee

Ye coopers and hoopers attend to my ditty, I sing o' a cooper who dwelt in Dundee; This young man he was baith am'rous and witty, He please'd the fair maids wi' the blink o' his e'e. He was nae a cooper, a common tub-hooper, The most o' his trade lay in pleasin' the fair; He hoopt them, he coopt them, he bort them, he plugt them. An' a' sent for Sandie when out o' repair. For a twelvemonth or sae this youth was respected, An' he was as bisie, as weel he could be; But bis'ness increas'd so, that some were neglected, Which ruin'd trade in the town o' Dundee. A baillie's fair daughter had wanted a coopin', An' Sandie was sent for, as oft time was he, He yerkt her sae hard that she sprung an end-hoopin', Which banish'd poor Sandie frae bonny Dundee.


Dawn Steele

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This is a poem by Robert Burns. It is read here by Dawn Steele.

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