She Rose and Loot Me In

The night her silent sable wore, An' gloomin' was the skies; O' glitt'rin' stars appear'd no more Than those in Nelly's eyes: When at her father's gate I knock'd, Where I had often been; Shrouded only in her smock, She rose an' loot me in, Fast lock'd within my fond embrace, She tremblin' stood asham'd; Her glowin' lips an' heavin' breasts, At every touch enflam'd; My eager passion I obey'd, Resolv'd the fort to win; An' she, at last, gave her consent To yield an' let me in. O then! what bliss beyond compare, I knew no greater joy; Enroll'd in heavenly happiness, So bless'd a man was I; An' she, all ravish'd with delight, Bad me aft come again, An' kindly vow'd that ev'ry night She'd rise an' let me in. But ah! At last, she prov'd wi' bairn, An' sat baith sad an' dull; An' I wha was as much concern'd, Look'd e'en just like a fool; Her lovely eyes wi' tears ran o'er, Repentin' her rash sin; An' ay she curs'd the fatal hour That e'er she loot me in. But, who cou'd from such beauty go, Or yet from Nelly part; I lov'd her dear, an' couldna leave The charmer of my heart, We wedded and conceal'd our crime, Then all was weel again, An' now she blesses the happy night She rose an' loot me in.


Jonathan Watson

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It is read here by Jonathan Watson.

Themes for this song

sex love marriage seduction fatherhood

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