Scots Ballad

My heart is wae and unco wae, To think upon the raging sea, That roars between her gardens green, And th' bonie lass of ALBANIE.- This lovely maid's of noble blood, That ruled Albion's kingdoms three; But Oh, Alas! For her bonie face! They hae wrang'd the lass of ALBANIE!- In the rolling tide of spreading Clyde There sits an isle of high degree; And a town of fame whose princely name Should grace the lass of ALBANIE.- But there is a youth, a witless youth, That fills the place where she should be, We'll send him o-er to his native shore, And bring our ain sweet ALBANIE.- Alas the day, and woe the day, A false Usurper wan the gree, That now commands the towers and lands, The royal right of ALBANIE.- We'll daily pray, we'll nightly pray, On bended knees most ferventlie, That the time may come, with pipe and drum, We'll welcome home fair ALBANIE.-


Gary Lewis

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It was written in 1787 and is read here by Gary Lewis.

Themes for this song

jacobitism royalty

Selected for 29 July

On this day in 1971, the Jimmys Airlie and Reid, led the workforce of John Brown's ship yard in the occupation of a wor place scheduled for closure. The humourous, peaceful and impassioned tone of the protest added a new chapter to the history of 'Red Clydeside'. Today’s poem lets the, 'rolling tide of spreading Clyde', flow less turbulently however.

Donny O'Rourke

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