On Wee Johnie

Whoe'er thou art, O reader, know, That Death has murder'd Johnie; An' here his body lies fu' low For saul he ne'er had ony.


Blythe Duff

About this work

This is an epitaph by Robert Burns. It was written in 1786 and is read here by Blythe Duff.

More about this epitaph

This early verse was composed by Burns during his time at Tarbolton in 1784 - 1785.

The subject of the verse remains unidentified, but it is thought possible that the verse was inspired by John Wilson (c.1751 - 1839). Wilson was the school master at Tarbolton and self-appointed local pharmacist.

John Wilson is the subject of Burns's satire, Death and Doctor Hornbook.

Pauline Mackay

Themes for this epitaph


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