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My Nanie's Awa

Now in her green mantle blythe Nature arrays, And listens the lambkins that bleat o'er the braes, While birds warble welcomes in ilka green shaw; But to me it's delightless - my Nanie's awa. The snawdrap and primrose our woodlands adorn, And violets bathe in the weet o' the morn; They pain my sad bosom, sae sweetly they blaw, They mind me o' Nanie - and Nanie's awa. Thou lavrock that springs frae the dews of the lawn The shepherd to warn o' the grey-breaking dawn, And thou mellow mavis that hails the night-fa', Give over for pity - my Nanie's awa. Come Autumn, sae pensive, in yellow and grey, And soothe me wi' tydings o' Nature's decay: The dark, dreary Winter, and wild-driving snaw, Alane can delight me - now Nanie's awa.


Stella Gonet

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It was written in 1794 and is read here by Stella Gonet.

Themes for this song

nature unhappiness love

Selected for 02 April

Even in spring, the constant presence that is a lover’s absence, can call more sombre seasons to mind...

Donny O'Rourke

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