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Ken ye ought o' Captain Grose?

Ken ye ought o' Captain Grose? Igo and ago If he's amang his friends or foes? Iram coram dago. Is he South, or is he North? Igo and ago Or drowned in the river Forth? Iram coram dago. Is he slain by Highland bodies? Igo and ago And eaten like a wether-haggis? Iram coram dago. Is he to Abram's bosom gane? Igo and ago Or haudin Sarah by the wame? Iram coram dago. Whare'er he be, the Lord be near him! Igo and ago As for the deil, he daur na steer him, Iram coram dago. But please transmit th' inclosed letter, Igo and ago Which will oblidge your humble debtor, Iram coram dago. So may ye hae auld Stanes in store, Igo and ago The very Stanes that Adam bore; Iram coram dago. So may ye get in glad possession, Igo and ago The coins o' Satan's Coronation! Iram coram dago.


Simon Tait

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It was written in 1790 and is read here by Simon Tait.

Themes for this song

friendship future

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