Jockey's Taen The Parting Kiss

Jockey's taen the parting kiss, O'er the mountains he is gane , And with him is a' my bliss, Nought but griefs with me remain, Spare my Love, ye winds that blaw , Plashy sleets and beating rain! Spare my Love, thou feath'ry snaw , Drifting o'er the frozen plain! When the shades of evening creep O'er the day's fair , gladsome e'e , Sound and safely may he sleep, Sweetly blythe his waukening be. He will think on her he loves, Fondly he'll repeat her name; For where'er he distant roves, Jockey's heart is still at hame.


Gerda Stevenson

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It was written in 1795 and is read here by Gerda Stevenson.

Themes for this song

regret love

Selected for 21 December

Burns wrote so often and so well in the persona of a woman as to give pause to those who see in him only a sexist brute, mired in the mores of his day. Here the Bard, with convincing finesse of feeling, empathises with the speaker separated from her sweetheart. Despite midwinter's 'plashy sleats and beating rain', his loyal heart remains at home.

Donny O'Rourke

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