Hey tuti tatey

Landlady count the lawin, The day is near the dawin, Ye're a' blind drunk, boys, And I'm jolly fou. Hey tuti tatey, How tuti taiti, Hey tuti taiti, wha's fou now. Cog an ye were ay fou, Cog an ye were ay fou; I wad sit and sing to you, If ye were ay fou. Hey tuti tatey, How tuti taiti, Hey tuti taiti, wha's fou now. Weel may we a' be, Ill may we never see! God bless the king And the Companie! Hey tuti tatey, How tuti taiti, Hey tuti taiti, wha's fou now.


Tam Dean Burn

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It was written in 1788 and is read here by Tam Dean Burn.

Themes for this song

drink man brotherhood

Selected for 27 June

George IV died on June 26th, 1830 at the age of 67, a number which nearly corresponded to his waist measurement. George has a bridge in Edinburgh named for him; a sturdy bridge. It was his excursion to Edinburgh in 1823 that 're-launched' the tartan which had been outlawed after Culloden. He was the first sovereign to set foot in Scotland since the routing of Bonny Prince Charlie. Walter Scott was the self appointed master of ceremonies and public relations officer for this strategic state visit to the capital of 'North Britain'. If mirth goes with girth, 'Geordie' might have enjoyed these verses and the bottles they uncork. Whether a Hanoverian ancestor is the king being toasted we leave open to question but, knowing Burns, it seems unlikely. This rollicking drinking song provided the model for the very anti Hanoverian 'Scots Wha Hey' (selected for June 24th). So His Royal Highness may not have wished to raise a glass after all.

Donny O'Rourke

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