Contains scenes of a sexual nature

Here's His Health In Water

Altho' my back be at the wa', An' tho' he be the fau'tor; Altho' my back be at the wa', I'll drink his health in water. O wae gae by his wanton sides, Sae brawly he could flatter; I for his sake am slighted sair, An' dries the kintra clatter; But let them sae whate'er they like, Yet, here's his health in water. He follow'd me, baith out an' in, Thro' a' the nooks o' Killie, He follow'd me baith out an' in, Wi' a stiff stand'in pillie But when he gat between my legs, We made an unco spatter; An' haith, I trow, I soupled it, Tho' bauldly he did blatter; But tho' my back is at the wa', Yet here's his health in water.


Hannah Gordon
Juliet Cadzow

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It was written in 1786 and is read here by Hannah Gordon.

Themes for this song

love seduction nature

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