Contains some scenes of a sexual nature

Godly Girzie

The nicht it was a haly nicht, The day haed been a haly day; Kilmarnock gleamed wi candle licht, As Girzie hameward teuk her wey. A man o sin, ill mey he thrive! An never haly-meetin see! Wi godly Girzie met belyve, Amang the Craigie hills sae hie. The chiel was wicht, the chiel was stark, He wad na wait to chap nor ca', An she was faint wi haly wark, She haed na pith to say him na. But ay she glowred up to the muin, An ay she siched maist piouslie; "I trust my hert's in heeven abuin, "Whare'er your sinfu pentle be."


Tam Dean Burn

About this work

This is a poem by Robert Burns. It is read here by Tam Dean Burn.

Themes for this poem

seduction woman man

Locations for this poem


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