Fragment [Montgomery's Peggy]

Altho' my bed were in yon muir, Amang the heather, in my plaidie, Yet happy, happy would I be Had I my dear Montgomerie's Peggy. When o'er the hill beat surly storms, And winter nights were dark and rainy; I'd seek some dell, and in my arms I'd shelter dear Montgomerie's Peggy. Were I a Baron proud and high, And horse and servants waiting ready, Then a' 'twad gie o' joy to me, The sharin 't with Montgomerie's Peggy.


Simon Tait

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It is read here by Simon Tait.

Themes for this song

love woman

Selected for 29 December

For Robert Burns love is often sufficient shelter from even the most inclement weather. Here again, though 'winter nights were dark and rainy', the heat of a true and ardent heart takes the chill out of 'surly storms'. The calorific beauty being wooed was, alas, pledged to another. The ever opportunistic Bard admitted that he pursued her chiefly to, 'show my parts in courtship, particularly my abilities at a 'billet doux'. And at love letters, few were his equal.

Donny O'Rourke

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