BBC Radio Scotland's Esme Kennedy and Dave Batchelor recorded performances by some of Scotland's best-loved actors (as well as two others) of Robert Burns's works. A team from the University of Glasgow provided the many guides featured throughout this website. Recordings from 716 works are available, many of which have now been associated with days of the year.

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  1. Tail Todle
  2. The Tailor
  3. A Tale
  4. Tam Glen
  5. Tam Lin
  6. Tam o' Shanter
  7. Tam Samson's Elegy
  8. The Tarbolton Lasses
  9. The Taylor
  10. The Taylor fell thro' the bed
  11. Their groves o' sweet myrtle
  12. Then Guidwife count the lawin
  13. Theniel Menzies bonie Mary
  14. There Cam A Cadger
  15. There cam a Soger
  16. There Grows A Bonnie Brier Bush
  17. There was a bonie lass
  18. There Was Twa Wives
  19. There'll Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Hame
  20. There's a youth in this city
  21. There's hair on't
  22. There's news lasses news
  23. There's three true gude fellows
  24. They took me to the Haly Band
  25. Thine am I, my Chloris fair
  26. Third Epistle To J. Lapraik
  27. Thou Gloomy December
  28. Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie
  29. Though fickle fortune has deceived me
  30. Tibbie Dunbar
  31. Tibbie Fowler
  32. To a Louse
  33. To A Mountain Daisy
  34. To a Mouse
  35. To a painter
  36. To a Young Lady, Miss Jessy Lewars
  37. To Alexander Cunningham
  38. To Alexander Findlater
  39. To Capt Gordon on being asked why I was not to be one of the party with him and his brother Kenmure at Syme's
  40. To Captain Riddell
  41. To Chloris
  42. To Clarinda
  43. To Daunton Me
  44. To Dr John MacKenzie
  45. To Dr Maxwell, on Miss Jessy Staig's recovery
  46. To John Kennedy
  47. To John Syme [A]
  48. To Maria
  49. To Mary in Heaven
  50. To Miss Ainslie, in Church
  51. To Miss Cruickshank, a very young Lady
  52. To Miss Ferrier
  53. To Miss Graham of Fintry
  54. To Miss Isabella MacLeod
  55. To Miss Logan
  56. To Mr E - on his translation of and commentaries on Martial
  57. To Mr Gavin Hamilton. Mauchline
  58. To Mr Graham of Fintry, On being appointed to my Excise Division
  59. To Mr John Kennedy
  60. To Mr McMurdo, with a pound of Lundiefoot Snuff
  61. To Mr S Mackenzie
  62. To Mrs C
  63. To Peter Stuart
  64. To Renton of Lamerton
  65. To Robert Graham of Fintry Esq
  66. To Robert Graham Esq of Fintry Esq with a Request for an Excise Division
  67. To Ruin
  68. To Symon Gray
  69. To Terraughty, on his birthday
  70. To the beautiful Miss Eliza J-n, on her principles of liberty and equality
  71. To the Hon Mr RM, of Panmure, on his high Phaeton
  72. To the Memory of the Unfortunate Miss Burns
  73. To the Weaver's gin ye go
  74. To W. Simpson, Ochiltree
  75. To William Stewart
  76. The Toadeater
  77. A Toast. Lines on the Commemoration of Rodney's Victory
  78. The Tree of Liberty
  79. The Trogger
  80. The Twa Dogs
  81. The Twa Herds
  82. Twas na her bonie blue e'e
  83. Tweedmouth Town

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