BBC Radio Scotland's Esme Kennedy and Dave Batchelor recorded performances by some of Scotland's best-loved actors (as well as two others) of Robert Burns's works. A team from the University of Glasgow provided the many guides featured throughout this website. Recordings from 716 works are available, many of which have now been associated with days of the year.

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  1. O An Ye Were Dead Gudeman
  2. O ay my wife she dang me
  3. O Bonie was yon rosy brier
  4. O can ye labour lea
  5. O Can Ye Labour Lee, Young Man
  6. O dear Minny, what shall I do?
  7. O, for ane and twenty Tam
  8. O Gat ye me wi' naething
  9. O gin I had her
  10. O gude ale comes and gude ale goes
  11. O ken ye what Meg o' the mill has gotten
  12. O Kenmure's On And Awa , Willie
  13. O lay thy loof in mine lass
  14. O Leave Novels
  15. O Mally's meek, Mally's sweet
  16. O May thy morn
  17. O poortith cauld and restless love
  18. O Raging Fortune's Withering Blast
  19. O Saw ye bonie Lesley
  20. O saw ye my Maggie
  21. O Steer Her Up
  22. O That I Had Ne'er Been Married
  23. O this is no my ain lassie
  24. O Tibbie, I Hae Seen The Day
  25. O wat ye wha that lo'es me
  26. O wat ye wha's in yon town
  27. O, were I on Parnassus Hill
  28. O were my Love yon Lilack fair
  29. O Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast
  30. O Whistle, and I'll come to ye, my lad
  31. Occasional Address, Spoken by Miss Fontenelle, on her benefit night
  32. Ode [For General Washington's Birthday]
  33. Ode, sacred to the memory of Mrs Oswald of Auchencruive
  34. Ode to Spring
  35. Ode to the departed Regency bill 1789
  36. O'er the Water to Charlie
  37. On A Bank Of Flowers
  38. On A Dog Of Lord Eglingtons
  39. On a Schoolmaster in Cleish Parish, Fifeshire
  40. On a Scotch Bard Gone to the West Indies
  41. On a Suicide One
  42. On a Suicide Two
  43. On An Innkeeper In Tarbolton
  44. On An Innkeeper Nicknamed The Marquis
  45. On Andrew Turner
  46. On being asked why God had made Miss D so little and Mrs A so big
  47. On Captain Lascelles
  48. On Captain William Roddirk of Corbiston
  49. On Chloris being ill
  50. On Chloris requesting me to give her a spray of a sloe-thorn in full blossom
  51. On Commissary Goldie's Brains
  52. On Fergusson A
  53. On Fergusson B
  54. On Findlater
  55. On Gabriel Richardson
  56. On James. Grieve, Laird of Boghead, Tarbolton
  57. On Jessy Lewars
  58. On John McMurdo
  59. On John Morine, laird of Laggan
  60. On Johnson's Opinion of Hampden
  61. On Marriage
  62. On Maxwell of Cardoness
  63. On Miss J. Scott, of Ayr
  64. On Miss PK
  65. On Miss Wilhelmina Alexander
  66. On Mr Pit's hair-powder tax
  67. On Robert Riddel
  68. On Scaring Some Water Fowl In Loch Turit
  69. On Seeing A Wounded Hare
  70. On seeing Miss Fontenelle in a Favourite Character
  71. On seeing Mrs Kemble in Yarico
  72. On the Birth of a Posthumous Child, born in peculiar circumstances of Family-Distress
  73. On the death of Echo, a Lap-dog
  74. On the death of John M'Leod, Esq.
  75. On the death of the late Lord President Dundas
  76. On the Duchess of Gordon's Reel Dancing
  77. On The Late Captain Grose's Peregrinations Thro' Scotland
  78. On the seas and far away
  79. On Wee Johnie
  80. On Willie Chalmers
  81. One Night As I Did Wander
  82. Open the door to me oh
  83. Orananaoig, or The Song of Death
  84. The Ordination
  85. Our gudewife's sae modest
  86. Our John's Brak Yestreen

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