BBC Radio Scotland's Esme Kennedy and Dave Batchelor recorded performances by some of Scotland's best-loved actors (as well as two others) of Robert Burns's works. A team from the University of Glasgow provided the many guides featured throughout this website. Recordings from 716 works are available, many of which have now been associated with days of the year.

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  1. Elegy on Captain MH, A gentleman who held the patent for his honours immediately from almighty god
  2. Elegy on Mr William Cruikshank A.M.
  3. Elegy on Peg Nicholson
  4. Elegy On The Death Of Robert Ruisseaux
  5. Elegy On The Death of Sir James Hunter Blair
  6. Elegy On The Late Miss Burnet Of Monboddo
  7. Elegy on the year 1788
  8. Ellibanks
  9. English Song
  10. English Song
  11. Epigram
  12. Epigram Addressed To An Artist
  13. Epigram. Another On The Said Occasion
  14. Epigram on Captain Francis Grose, The Celebrated Antiquary
  15. Epigram on Mr James Gracie
  16. Epigram On Rough Roads
  17. Epigram On Said Occasion
  18. Epigrams on Lord Galloway
  19. Epistle from a Taylor to Robert Burns
  20. Epistle To A Young Friend
  21. Epistle to Captain William Logan at Park
  22. Epistle To Davie, A Brother Poet
  23. Epistle to Dr Blacklock
  24. Epistle to Hugh Parker
  25. Epistle To J. Lapraik
  26. Epistle to James Smith
  27. Epistle To John Goldie, In Kilmarnock
  28. Epistle to John Ranken
  29. Epistle to Mr Tytler of Woodhouselee, Author of a Defence of Mary Queen of Scots
  30. Epistle to Robert Graham Esq: of Fintry on the Election of the Dumfries string of Boroughs, Anno 1790
  31. Epistle To The Rev. John M'math
  32. Epitaph
  33. Epitaph for Gavin Hamilton Esq
  34. Epitaph for Hugh Logan
  35. Epitaph for J H Writer in Ayr
  36. Epitaph For Mr Walter Riddell
  37. Epitaph for Robert Aiken Esq;
  38. Epitaph for the Author's Father
  39. Epitaph For William Nicol
  40. Epitaph. Here lies Robert Fergusson, Poet
  41. Epitaph on a Celebrated Ruling Elder
  42. Epitaph On A Henpecked Country Squire
  43. Epitaph on a Noisy Polemic
  44. Epitaph on a Wag in Mauchline
  45. Epitaph on D- C-
  46. Epitaph On Holy Willie
  47. Epitaph on John Bushby Esq
  48. Epitaph on John Dove, Innkeeper
  49. Epitaph on Mr Burton
  50. Epitaph on my own friend, and my father's friend, William Muir in Tarbolton
  51. Epitaph On Robert Muir
  52. Epitaph on Tam the Chapman
  53. Epitaph on Wee Johnie
  54. Epitaph On Wm. Graham, Esq of Mossknowe
  55. Eppie Mcnab
  56. Errock Brae
  57. Esteem For Chloris
  58. Extempore
  59. Extempore epistle to Mr McAdam of Craigengillan
  60. Extempore, in the Court of Session
  61. Extempore - On being shown a beautiful Country seat belonging to Maxwell of Cardoness
  62. Extempore - on some commemorations of Thomson
  63. Extempore (on The Loyal Natives' Verses)
  64. Extempore reply to an invitation
  65. Extempore to Mr Gavin Hamilton

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