Extempore - On being shown a beautiful Country seat belonging to Maxwell of Cardoness

We grant they're thine, those beauties all, So lovely in our eye: Keep them, thou eunuch, Cardoness, For others to enjoy!


Liz Lochhead

About this work

This is an epigram by Robert Burns. It was written in 1794 and is read here by Liz Lochhead.

More about this epigram

These scathing lines were directed at David Maxwell of Cardoness (d. 1825) whom Burns dismissed as, ‘a stupid, money-loving dunderpate of a Galloway laird’.

They were composed during his visit to Galloway along with John Syme, between July and August 1793.

Ralph McLean

Themes for this epigram

hypocrisy class

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