Epitaph On Robert Muir

What man could esteem, or what woman could love, Was he who lies under this sod: If such Thou refuses admission above, Then whom wilt Thou favour, Good God?


John Gordon Sinclair

About this work

This is an epitaph by Robert Burns. It was written in 1784 and is read here by John Gordon Sinclair.

More about this epitaph

Robert Muir (1758-1788) was a Kilmarnock wine merchant who became a friend of Burns in 1786. He subscribed for 72 copies of the Kilmarnock edition, and 40 copies of the first Edinburgh edition.

Burns described him as, 'the disinterested friend from my early life; the man who rejoiced to see me, because he loved me and could serve me'. He died from tuberculosis on 22nd April 1788.

Ralph Richard McLean

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death friendship

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