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Bonie Bell

The smiling spring comes in rejoicing, And surly winter grimly flies; Now crystal clear are the falling waters, And bonny blue are the sunny skies. Fresh o'er the mountains breaks forth the morning, The ev'ning gilds the Ocean's swell; All Creatures joy in the sun's returning, And I rejoice in my Bonie Bell. The flowery Spring leads sunny Summer, The yellow Autumn presses near, Then in his turn comes gloomy Winter, Till smiling Spring again appear. Thus seasons dancing, life advancing, Old Time and Nature their changes tell; But never ranging, still unchanging, I adore my Bonie Bell.


Simon Donald

About this work

This is a song by Robert Burns. It was written in 1792 and is read here by Simon Donald.

More about this song

Burns composed the sond 'Bonie Bell' for inclusion in James Johnson's Scots Musical Museum where it appeared in 1792. Here Burns invokes the transient imagery of the changing seasons to emphasise the notion of constancy in love: 'But never ranging, still unchanging/ I adore my Bonie Bell.'

Pauline Mackay

Themes for this song

love nature age

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