A Grace After Dinner

O thou, in whom we live and move - Who made the sea and shore; Thy goodness constantly we prove, And grateful would adore; And, if it please Thee, Power above! Still grant us, with such store, The friend we trust, the fair we love - And we desire no more. Amen!


Vivien Heilbron

About this work

This is an epigram by Robert Burns. It was written in 1789 and is read here by Vivien Heilbron.

More about this epigram

'Grace after Dinner' has been attributed to Burns on the basis of textual evidence. The poems first appearance was in the Edinburgh Evening Courant on the 27 August 1789.

Here Burns uses biblical language. The first line in particular is a clear invocation of Acts 17:28: 'For in him we live and move and have our being'. Burns's knowledge of the Bible was extensive, something that is evident from the poet's frequent reference to biblical passages in poetry, song and prose alike.

Pauline Mackay

Themes for this epigram

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