John Hegley

Well Bread Dog Requires Real Player.

One evening John came home from work
went into the kitchen to make himself a nice cup of tea
and on the kitchen table, in a plastic bag,
he discovered a large sliced loaf
with one of the crusts missing.
Actually it was a very large sliced loaf,
about the size of a rabbit hutch,
and John, who lived very much alone,
knew that he hadn't put it there and wondered who had.
Just then there was a rap-a-tap-tap at the front door.
It was John's new next-door-neighbour.
"Excuse me barging in", she said ,
"but you haven't seen my dog have you?".
"What does it look like?", inquired John concernedly.
"Like a large sliced loaf", replied the neighbour.
"With one of the crusts missing?", asked John.
"Yes", replied the neighbour, "she had a fight".
John smiled, went out into the kitchen,
and returned with the mysterious loaf.
"Is this her by any chance?" he asked.
And the neighbour said,

Copyright: John Hegley.