John Hegley

Greavsie Requires Real Player.

it's not much of a planet
that everybody leaves
there's not a lot of faith about
but I am someone who believes
that what we need without a doubt
is more of Jimmy Greaves
imagine Jimmy's picture in every picture frame
imagine all religion praising Jimmy's name
the world is just a candle
and Jimmy Greavse is the flame
won't you gimme Jimmy
it used to be his turn of speed.
he left defences in a daze
now he rents his turn of phrase
and when I turn on the TV
and Jimmy's there
my spirits raise
and when I'm in a blazing row
and I'm in the process of rolling up my sleeves
I just think of Greavsie and he relieves me
more and more of Greavsie
is what this counrty needs
he's the man to sow the seeds of sanity
he's off the boooze he's on the ball
he's got a message for us all
he can help humanity
to heal itself
to haul itself
from this self-destructive stupor
he's what you call a trooper
I think he's blinking super
he's a tooper super duper
so please don't give me Henry Cooper
he isn't Jimmy Greaves
people say that I'm loopy
they think I'm nothing
but a Greavsie groupie
but I tell them
you're not fit to wash
Jimmy Greaves' moustache.

Copyright: John Hegley.