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4 September 2014
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justin roberts
Artificial Lighting?

Use your mouse to make the flame dance. Shockwave (19k).

View this work in a pop-up window.

Shockwave plug-in required, use WebWise guide for help.

Artificial Lighting?

About this work:
"The gentle fluid motion of a solitary candle flame cannot be done justice with traditional internet technologies, the repetitive motion played out in the slow flickering of an animated gif or the bulky download of a QuickTime movie does nothing to describe the ordered chaos of nature. This is what I have tried to capture with this blend of art, technology and physics. It looks like a candle and behaves like a candle - so what is it?" Justin Roberts.

About the artist:
Justin Roberts is studying Media Lab Arts at Plymouth University. His spare time is devoted to building websites, 3D animation and creating his own dance tunes.

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