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2 September 2014
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matt collishaw
Streetcam Shangri-Laa

A short video work shown in QuickTime movie format. (2.6mb)

View this work in a pop-up window.

QuickTime plug-in required, use WebWise guide for help

Streetcam Shangri-Laa (2000)
Download movie:

PC Low 2.5mb | PC High 5.7mb | Mac Low 3.5mb | Mac High 7.7mb

1. Choose either high or low resolution for your PC or Mac.
2. Save the application on your hard disk
3. Double Click on the icon
4. Open and Play the movie with the QuickTime player

About this work:
"I live on a very busy little street. Daytimes are a mixture of passing traffic, and recovering alcoholics from the centre next door. The vans and trucks onload and offload boxes of merchandise, the soaks roll around on the pavement or fight like toddlers until the police arrive... This is the ebb and flow of the little street I call Heaven." Mat Collishaw

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