Sue Tompkins Live: Glasgow International 2014


Glasgow based visual and performance artist Sue Tompkins presented a new performance piece, Orange Brainwash Tribute, on Monday 14 April 2014, at BBC Scotland's Pacific Quay headquarters in Glasgow.

Glasgow International 2014 sees an array of contemporary artists arrive in Glasgow, drawn by the city's formidable reputation as a fertile place for visual art.

In addition to the array of paintings, sculptures, installations and video work on display across the city, BBC Arts is collaborating with Glasgow International on a series of exclusive free performances at BBC Scotland's Pacific Quay HQ, by Mark Beasley, Sue Tompkins and Fiona Jardine.

In both her art work and her performance pieces, Tompkins focuses on fragmenting language to present familiar words and phrases in a new context. Her work explores the life and connotations of her everyday subjects through dislocation, repetition and free-association.

Both sides of her output are represented at GI 2014, with a new suite of fabric pieces, paintings and typed pages on display at the Gallery of Modern Art, and this performance piece.

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