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New Generation Thinkers 2013 New Generation Thinkers 2013
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Each year producers from BBC Radio 3, BBC Arts, together with the Arts and Humanities Research Council, select a group of young academics who have the potential to turn their ground breaking ideas into sensational broadcasting.

The scheme receives hundreds of applications from academics who are at the start of their careers and are passionate about communicating modern scholarship to a wider audience.

Having already appeared on BBC Radio 3 and at the Free Thinking Festival of Ideas at Sage in Gateshead, the current intake of New Generation Thinkers have been working with BBC Arts to develop their ideas for a television audience.

The short films, featuring the academics whose specialisms range from how Victorian poets contributed to new scientific ideas, to the influence of ancient Greek philosophy on modern day therapy, can be viewed using the links below.

The Vikings were the Hells Angels of the Middle Ages, or so we're led to believe. But what did they think of themselves and the world they lived in? Dr Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough of the University of Durham examines the Old Norse Sagas, and lets the Norsemen tell their story in their own words.

Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough

Dr Sarah Dillon of the University of Cambridge discusses the two very different approaches to understanding the modern world offered by literature and science, and argues that in order to survive as a species and keep our humanity, we need both.

Sarah Dillon Sarah Dillon

Jules Evans of Queen Mary University of London believes we have forgotten that philosophy is a practical therapy, not distant history of interest only to academics. In our age of psychology and self-help, can this ancient art of thinking still help us in our daily lives?

Jules Evans Jules Evans

John Gallagher of the University of Cambridge considers how English took over the world through the introduction of early phrasebooks for curious travellers in the 15th and 16th Century.

John Gallagher John Gallagher

Dr Alice Hall of the University of York explores the fears and fascination associated with people labelled 'feeble-minded' in early twentieth century fiction and culture.

Alice Hall Alice Hall

Dr Christopher Harding of the University of Edinburgh discusses the evolution of Japan's relationship with the West and its impact on ideas about mental health and illness.

Christopher Harding Christopher Harding

Dr Sarah Peverley of the University of Liverpool has long been captivated by John Hardyng, a soldier in King Henry V's army, and chronicler of 15th Century England. Henry sent Hardyng to gauge the feasibility of a Scottish invasion. Henry's untimely death derailed his intentions, but Hardyng continued to pursue his objective - the destruction of the Scottish state. What motivated him?

Sarah Peverley Sarah Peverley

Fern Riddell of King's College London introduces us to the secret double life of Music Hall star Kitty Marion, who became one of Edwardian England's most infamous and dangerous suffragettes.

Fern Riddell Fern Riddell

Dr Gregory Tate of the University of Surrey explores how the end of a remarkable friendship set the stage for perhaps the greatest intellectual battle in modern history. In 1799 a young chemist named Humphry Davy met his idol, the celebrated poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The rise and fall of their friendship set in motion a chain of events that would lead to a fundamental separation between emotion and reason that is still with us today.

Gregory Tate Gregory Tate

Research by Dr Rebecca Steinfeld of the University of Birmingham demonstrates that conflicts over fertility policies in Israel mirror wider global struggles. Rebecca's film will be available later.

Rebecca Steinfeld Rebecca Steinfeld
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