The inside story of Londonderry's love affair with music

Derry-Londonderry, the 2013 UK City of Culture, has historically been known as a centre of song.

Some say this is because singing and playing music was a free form of entertainment in a traditionally poor area, that the surrounding mountain air was good for the vocal chords and that high unemployment brought men together to sing on street corners.

For Mickey Bradley of The Undertones it's a combination of factors: "I think it's because we're small, we punch above our weight and we're all show-offs. But underneath it all there are always musical associations who work tirelessly throughout the year. We're very lucky to have an awful lot of people who are civic-minded in the sense of bringing on music and putting on shows for others."

Here Mickey riffs on his part in Sandie Shaw's Eurovision success, how Nat King Cole tried to poach a Derry saxophonist and what it was like growing up with Eurovision winner Dana across the garden fence.

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