Scary Fairy casts a spell over Radio 2

Craig Charles has teamed up with our Salford-based BBC Philharmonic Craig Charles performs Scary Fairy with the BBC Philharmonic

Actor, presenter and poet Craig Charles has teamed up with our Salford-based BBC Philharmonic to create Scary Fairy, a poem set to music which will be broadcast tonight during a special Friday Night is Music Night on BBC Radio 2.

In the first half of the programme, BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin will introduce some of the most enchanting pieces in classical music, all recorded in the BBC Philharmonic studio.

After the interval, Craig Charles takes centre stage as he recites his poem to a glittering orchestral score played by the BBC Philharmonic and composed by Iain Farrington.

The piece is conducted by Ben Gernon, who told Ariel: "I was presented with this work a couple of months before the concert and realised there were lots of elements to it.

Ben Gernon Conductor Ben Gernon: "We try and use a variety of colours to tell the story"

"My challenge has been to pull out the different themes within the music and also match up with the text to try and create the sense of drama that Craig has in his words.

"Iain is a wonderful composer who was very clear which music represented which character.

"It's been my job to ensure the orchestra play the characters in which they best represent the words. So I might ask them to play it really short or really long or loud or quieter. We try and use a variety of different colours to tell the story."

Watch The making of Scary Fairy here.

BBC Radio 2 - Friday 30 October 20:00 - Friday Night is Music Night: Witches, Wizards and Scary Fairies


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