A tremendous honour

Alison Winter

Two days after joining an eminent list of previous recipients, including Dame Jenny Abramsky, Sir Nicholas Kenyon and Helen Boaden, Alison Winter, Head of Audiences for Radio and Music was still in a state of shock at being awarded a Fellowship from the Radio Academy.

A Fellowship is the highest honour The Radio Academy may confer upon a member of the industry. Fellowships are awarded to recognise individuals who have made outstanding contributions and aim to promote excellence in UK radio and broadcasting.

"It took some time to sink in," she confessed. "Helen Boaden gave a speech on the night and it took me a while to realise that she was talking about me. When Helen was speaking, I was thinking 'This person's career sounds very similar to mine', it was only then that I realised she was talking about me.

Dream job

"I'm a real radio fan and I've always said this is my dream job. I've worked on both sides of the industry which I think has been a real advantage.

"I worked for many years in commercial radio, mostly focusing on audience research for its trade body, Radio Centre but I also got to know a lot of BBC people then.

"I'm obviously really delighted. When you look at the list of people who have got fellowships, there are some serious industry heavyweights on it and people I really respect and admire.

"I'm lucky to be working for this particular group of stakeholders in BBC radio because, from Helen Boaden down, they are just so audience-focused and completely understand and welcome the role that research can play in helping them drive future success.

"While it's a personal honour, I also see this as lovely recognition for the whole research aspect of radio and the important role that it can play."


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