Celeb selfie: Hoff and co

Nicola Stead and David Hasselhoff

In today's celebrity selfie, Nicola Stead has the perfect job to snap the odd star selfie.

Nicola prefers to be behind the camera, which is just as well since she photographs the celebrity guests that appear on BBC Breakfast. But every so often she gets in front of the lens with a star.

One such star was David Hasselhoff, in November 2012.

'He was a big hit with everyone,' says Nicola. 'He even tweeted a picture of himself with some of the ladies in the BBC Breakfast team! He was a gentleman and oozes charisma.'

Nicola with Will.I.Am

Black Eyed Peas founder Will.i.am dutifully rocked up in a big tour bus at Quay House in April 2013, generating throngs of fans outside hoping to catch a glimpse.

'I remember watching him walk over from his dressing room to the studio followed by his entourage and I was a bit nervous to take his picture,' says Nicola.

'However, he was really lovely and I ended up getting some fantastic images of him. He was quieter than I expected, but after his interview he seemed more relaxed and I was allowed to take a selfie with him.'

Nicola Stead with the members of Boyzone

Earlier this year it was Boyzone's turn to get in on the 'selfie' (well, photo) action with Nicola.

After taking a photo of them with another member of staff, Keith Duffy asked Nicola if she wanted one with them.

She declined at first but he wouldn't take no for an answer.

'He took my camera off me and tried to take a picture. I didn't want a picture on my own so I asked Shane to be in it with me. Keith then couldn't work out how to use my camera so his PR tried and he jumped in the picture with the other lads.

'In the end Tracey, the lovely BBC Breakfast floor manager, took the picture as no one could work out how to use my camera.'


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