BBC Trust expenses continue downward trend

Alison Hastings Alison Hastings filed a claim for over £7000

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BBC Trust expenses are down nearly seven percent since the last disclosure in January.

Their expenses for October 2013 to March 2014 - including those of BBC Trust director Nicholas Kroll, who is not a trustee - totalled £28,892.90, according to the latest figures.

This is less than the £30,944.42 they spent during the previous six months.

More than half of the BBC trustees' claims were filed for either hotels or rail fares, at £8,315.91 and £8,816.40 and respectively. Flights were the third largest overall expense at £4,210.88.

The highest expense claims were made by the four national trustees, Elan Closs Stephens (Wales), Bill Matthews (Scotland), Aideen McGinley (Northern Ireland) and Alison Hastings (England).

Hastings, a former journalist who lives in Liverpool, where she runs a media consultancy business, filed the biggest overall claim of £7,613.78. The majority of her expenses were for rail travel - mainly between London and Liverpool - spending £4,703.80, as well as almost £2,000 on accommodation.

McGinley, meanwhile, racked up over £2000 on driving a car, mostly going back and forth between her home and Belfast's Broadcasting House. Stephens claimed for three nights in a London hotel at a cost of £435, with Matthews claiming about £1,700 to stay mostly in London hotels on 14 separate occasions.

Former chairman Lord Patten, who stepped down in May on health grounds, claimed a total of £1,258.19, which was almost entirely for private car hire in and around London. His acting successor Diane Coyle claimed £1,411.75.

Among some of the highest individual claims were a New Year's Eve return flight to Glasgow at £344.12, and £152.50 for a single rail ticket between London and Liverpool.

Trustee expenses are made public every six months and have been released for the last five years.

For a full breakdown of the latest report, see here.

BBC trustees' rates

Position Fee Minimum time commitment



around 3-4 days per week

Vice chairman


around 2.5 days per week

National trustees


around 2 days per week



around 2 days per week

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