Celeb selfie: Jessie J

Jessie J and Becki Cobb

In our summer series of selfies featuring famous faces and you, Becki Cobb confirms it's not always a let-down to meet your heroes.

After winning a local radio competition in November 2011, Becki met Jessie J backstage at the Brighton Centre, just before the singer performed.

Becki, a talent management assistant in Television Production, tells Ariel that she became a 'huge fan' of the former judge of The Voice after she had a stroke in February 2011 and then discovered that Jessie J had suffered one too.

'As soon as I walked in, Jessie asked what had happened to my leg - I wear a support - and when I told her it was due to a stroke she told me she had had one too,' says Becki, 'before having a lengthy conversation about how it had affected her. She gave me loads of encouragement to keep working at my physiotherapy.'

'I was actually shocked at how interested she seemed in my story,' recalls Becki, adding that her friend is adamant that she saw the singer wipe a tear from her eye when they left.

During the concert, Jessie J made a speech about how overwhelmed she is when she hears that her music has helped people through tough times in their lives. 'Although I can't be sure this was about me, it sure felt like it,' Becki says.

'It definitely wasn't a case of "never meet your heroes" as I came away loving her even more!' she adds.


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