My celebrity selfie: Chris Martin and Rita Ora

Susie Christodoulou and Rita Ora

In today's celebrity selfie, Susie Christodoulou flies home with Rita Ora and Chris Martin.

After a wet few days volunteering at Radio 1's Big Weekend, corporate affairs executive Susie found herself in some esteemed company on the way home.

'You often come across celebrities if you work at the BBC but you get used to it and know to act professional,' she says. 'But I couldn't resist a selfie or two after finding that I was on the same flight home as The Klaxons, London Grammar, Rita Ora, and Chris Martin from Coldplay!'

Seeing that Ora was talking to other passengers and happily posing for photos with them, Susie sensed her opportunity - even if it turned out to be as Ora was walking past to use the loo.

'I asked if she would mind if I took a selfie. I felt a bit embarrassed and apologised a bit for disturbing her, but she said "Babe that's fine, I'm cool with it". She then asked if I saw her and enjoyed the festival,' says Susie, who was spared any potential awkwardness by having both seen and liked Ora's performance.

Chris Martin and Susie Christodoulou

But Susie had to bide her time to talk to Chris Martin.

'Chris on the plane had his headphones on, and it was quite clear he just wanted his own space,' she says, 'so whilst we were waiting for our bags in baggage control I just took the plunge.

'I told Chris that Coldplay were amazing and did a great set. He was very humble and thanked me. Totally genuine guy.'


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