My celebrity selfie: Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and Victoria Roberts

We kick off our summer series of celebrity selfies starring famous faces and you. In our very first, BBC People's Victoria Roberts receives a mysterious prank call from a certain diva who's not really a diva.

While working for Radio 1 a few years ago, Victoria heard that Mariah Carey was coming in. As she was 'going through a phase where I loved Mariah' - and was also the person who did the Radio 1 photography - she was understandably excited.

Alas, she was told that she wasn't allowed to photograph Mariah because the singer refused to have any 'females' around her.

'I was gutted, but I loved Mariah even more for being a diva,' recalls Victoria, who was instead sent to wait at reception for Katie Price and Peter Andre.

Then her phone rang. An American woman with a southern drawl was calling from her bank, telling her she owed $10,000.

'It went on and on and I was getting a bit annoyed, repeatedly saying I hadn't spent $10,000,' she says, with her irritation more acute because she was busy and everyone was stressing that Katie and Peter were late.

But then the singer dropped the accent slightly. 'I recognised her voice and I said "Oh, hang on a minute, I did spend $10,000, I spent it on Mariah Carey merchandise" - then she laughed and lost it,' Victoria says.

After that Victoria went down to the Scott Mills Show to meet her idol. 'Everything about her not wanting to be around females was obviously rubbish.

'She had just two people with her, not this whole entourage you hear about.

'She was absolutely lovely and we posed with our sunglasses on - she really wasn't a diva; we were doing each other's hair for the photo.'


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