Celeb selfie: Eddie Izzard

David Cornock and Eddie Izzard

In today's celebrity selfie, David Cornock is taught an invaluable lesson by Eddie Izzard.

Working as a GamesMaker volunteer at the London 2012 Olympics - as a 'mascot minder' safeguarding Wenlock's welfare - David was given a pleasant surprise one Saturday morning when comedian Eddie Izzard showed up to thank the volunteers.

Izzard, who had been involved in the volunteer recruitment programme, arrived unannounced on the last weekend of the Olympics wearing his own GamesMaker uniform for the early shift at 8am.

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'He seemed very genuine in thanking us for our efforts,' recalls parliamentary correspondent David. 'I had met him before on the election trail in my day job covering politics for BBC Wales so thought I would ask for a photo after a brief chat about our shared obsession with running.'

One fears what harm could have befallen Wenlock during this distraction but nothing did, it appears. And Izzard even taught David a new skill so vital that these days that it may soon be on the citizenship test.

'I was about to get a fellow GamesMaker to take the shot when Eddie asked: "Is that an iPhone? Let me show you a trickā€¦" He then demonstrated to this old hack how to take what has since become known as a "selfie" [using the invert camera option] - a nice memento of a brilliant two weeks.'


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