Celeb selfie: The Rock

Tony Steer and The Rock

In today's celebrity selfie, Tony Steer meets The Rock - eventually.

Tony and his friend Michael's typical daily routine is to get into the gym at about 6am, train for three hours, then start work at 9.30am.

There aren't many with that sort of dedication, so it's quite easy to spot a newcomer. This time there were about five. But one stood out. He wore a hoodie and when he later trained without it you could tell 'he was serious about his exercise'.

But besides that, to Tony he was just the new guy hogging the cables.

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I initially thought this bloke was a bit sad”

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Only when Michael returned from holiday a week later was there the slight inclination that this may in fact be a major Hollywood star and WWE wrestler. 'The last thing I'd seen The Rock in was as the Scorpion King and he looked different in that,' says Tony, who works in logistics at the Archive Centre in Perivale, east London.

But neither was entirely sure yet, prompting the inevitable phone-based Google search.

'We spent the next few minutes sitting on a bench a few feet away from him looking at pictures of The Rock, then looking at him, then looking at more pictures, then looking at him, generally comparing the design and position of tattoos!

'I initially thought this bloke was a bit sad, he looked a bit like The Rock so, I thought, had deliberately gone out and gotten tattooed the same.'

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It made no sense in my little provincial brain”

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Eventually the penny dropped. The other newcomers? Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's security team.

'I'd only moved to London from Cumbria a few months earlier,' says Tony. 'You don't get A-list celebrities in the local Rugby Club gym up North. It made no sense in my little provincial brain.'

It turned out that The Rock was over filming Fast and Furious, and Tony finally got the photo he never knew he needed. Now he's out for the whole action star set.

'I'm imagining a conversation between The Rock on some set somewhere with Stallone, or Stratham, or Willis and one of them saying, "Hey, I'm filming in London soon, when you were over doing the Fast and the Furious, were there any good gyms you'd recommend?"'


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