Teenagers take over Scottish Thought for the Day

Nathan Epemolu Nathan Epemolu reflects on how prayer helped him get through his exams

Good Morning Scotland's 'Thought for the Day' will be presented every day this week by teenagers.

It is the first time in its 40-year history that the religious slot has ever been given over to young people.

The five young people were recruited as part of Generation 2014 - BBC Scotland's wider youth engagement project involving 50 16 and 17 year-olds from all over Scotland who will be eligible to vote in Scotland's Independence Referendum.

They have been having their say across a variety of BBC Scotland programmes.

The five were selected to write and present their 'Thought' because they had expressed strong religious or spiritual convictions.

Nathan Epemolu, who is 16 and from Hamilton, will reflect on how prayer helped him to get through his recent exams.

Jenna Gillespie, also 16 and from Aberdeen, will discuss religion and violence, while Orkeney's Iona Torbet will speak of her ambition to use her strong faith to help others.

She says: 'I'm trying to look outside my own little world and into our bigger, shared one; asking how I can use my talents to reach out to others.'

Gregor Larmour from Kilmarnock describes his own unconventional approach to having a faith, and Momin Mehmood, a 17 year-old Muslim from Glasgow, shares his thoughts on what happens when religion is misused.

For more on Generation 2014, click here If you would like to discuss using the Generation 2014 cohort for your own programme content please email dave.howard2@bbc.co.uk or david.stenhouse@bbc.co.uk


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