BBC Ukrainian gets primetime tv slot

Irena Taranyuk and Andriy Kravets ‎ BBC Ukrainian's Irena Taranyuk and Andriy Kravets will appear on Ukraine's most watched news programme twice a week

BBC Ukrainian journalists will be bringing their impartial take on the day's news to Ukraine's most popular television station.

A new partnership between the language service and Ukraine's 1+1 channel will see the reporters appear live on 1+1's primetime evening news programme twice a week.

Broadcasting from New Broadcasting House in London, they will give their perspective on any developments in Ukraine during this critical period in its history, as well as on UK and global stories.

BBC Ukrainian already has a number of partnerships with major news websites in Ukraine, but this is the first collaboration with a television station.

'The popularity of BBC Ukrainian has been growing steadily, with audiences coming to the website for unbiased, balanced and reliable news, interviews and analysis,' says Artyom Liss, Europe hub editor.

'It's great that, through collaboration with a tv channel such as 1+1, our journalists will be engaging with new audiences across Ukraine.'

Sergiy Popov, head of 1+1's information department, said the BBC was the 'trendsetter' for international news and represented 'the golden standard' for journalists.

Staff working for the BBC Ukrainian website - which features news stories, features, picture galleries, audio and video - are based in Ukraine, Russia and London.


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