Comedy series plays out first on iPlayer

People Just Do NOthing

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People Just Do Nothing is to become the first BBC comedy series to premiere in full on iPlayer ahead of its television transmission.

The spoof documentary - about fictional pirate radio station Kurupt FM and its crew - will be available on iPlayer from May 13, with its tv broadcast scheduled for September.

Aimed at a young audience, the four-part series has its roots in the internet. Its creators/performers were discovered by the BBC when they posted five minute shorts on YouTube.

They were commissioned to make a half-hour iPlayer pilot as part of a BBC Three scheme in 2012; it was the most shared programme on the platform that July, its success spawning the series.

'A brand-new series launched in a brand-new way,' reflected Ash Atalla, the programme's executive producer for Roughcut Television who has The Office and The IT Crowd among his earlier producer credits.

'People Just Do Nothing is the first UK-made comedy series to play out in full on BBC iPlayer ahead of its transmission on BBC Three. The premiere will allow people to binge watch what is one of my favourite ever shows.'

In March, Tony Hall announced that the iPlayer was to be reinvented as the 'best online television service in the world'.

He said that big names from Adam Curtis to Frankie Boyle would be creating content specifically for the platform, together with new talent, such as the Kurupt FM team.

BBC Three is set to become an online-only channel from autumn 2015, subject to BBC Trust approval.

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